Indoor Skydive Gift Experiences

Gift Experiences are a great idea for that unique gift, especially for that person that seem to have everything or you can not think of what to buy them.

Check out the skydive experiences below for the prices and details, these experiences are mainly for the indoor skydive at Airkix Milton keynes and Airkix in Manchester. After buying the gift experiences you will be issued with a voucher that can be redeemed in the following 12 months so the person receiveing the gift can use this voucher whenever they wish.

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Step into the wind tunnel and get ready to indoor skydive like you have never seen before and experience a unique feeling of flying that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Take one large wind tunnel , 120MPH+ wind being generated by a rather large fan and a nice pair of goggles and jumpsuit and you are nearly ready to indoor skydive.

Indoor skydiving is becoming very popular even if you only want to try it once to see what all the fuss is about then it makes a great gift for a present as it really is suitable for most people.

As long as you are over 5 years old and weigh under 18 stone then this would make a great gift that is a little unusal to a normal present but you can be sure the person receiving the indoor skydiving experience will never forget this truely wonderful gift.
These skydiving experiences are available at a number of online retailers and we have gathered all the information and prices to ensure the best offers are displayed here at indoor skiydive.
All the info is displayed so just click a skydive experience below and the various prices will be displayed.

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Well he’s got a playstation and new TV, got loads of new clothes and aftershave , so what can I get him??
Buying gifts can be a right pain especially when you know the person you are buying for has most things, and as people get older and earn their own money they tend to buy the things they want as they need them.
Some people see buying a present as a chore and many people really struggle with choosing something that the person hasn’t got, and quite often put little effort into the gifts they buy for other people. If you buy a gift for someone, then really you should put some effort into what you actually buying them, as you would expect the same in return. (more…)

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Indoor Skydiving Gift Experiences

Ever wanted to have an amazing sensation that you get from a free fall without wanting to throw yourself off of something? Course you have. Traditionally, we would have been told that you cant have your cake and eat it; either you enjoy the free fall and throw yourself out of a 10,000 foot high plane, or you don’t. Simple!

Only now, you really can have your cake and eat it! Indoor skydiving is now super popular. It has the thrill of traditional skydiving without the drop!

For those of us who are looking for that ultimate experience – but perhaps are scared of heights – this experience is perfect.

The best thing about indoor skydiving is that you can now give it as a gift! Gift experiences have become popular in recent years, some of the most common being racing experiences or pamper days. But a truly unique gift and memory is indoor skydiving.

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With Christmas over and Valentines day just round the corner its time to start thinking about a gift for a loved one.

Valentines day usually means buying a gift for the lady in your life,  most men opt for the easy box of chocolates, flowers or sexy underwear but a Gift experience is really something that your loved one will never forget and be a memory for life , also great for the guys as we rarely receive anything on valentines day!

So with some great offers on indoor skydiving its a great gift to receive for valentines day for bothe men and women.


Airkix Indoor Skydiving Experience Day Gift Experience  

Airkix Indoor Skydiving Experience Day Gift Experience

IGain a totally unique and exciting experience which allows you to enjoy sheer exhilaration by skydiving in a specially constructed wind tunnel, the likes of which are usually used to test the aerodynamics of F1 racing cars! Once you have gained the

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Stuck for gift ideas? looking for a present for someone that has everything? what about a unique gift experience that the person receiving it will never forget.

Well look no further than an indoor skydiving gift experience or maybe a indoor air sphereing gift experience for 2. These are both gifts that are truely unique and are sure to put a smile on the persons face.

Remember these gift experiences are suitable for most ages starting from 5 years old right upto whatever age you dare! simply buy the gift experience for someone and receive a voucher that can then be redeemed (more…)

Air Sphereing »

Tried indoor skydiving gift experience before?  Want to now try something a little bit different, no problem , look no further than indoor sphereing.

This has got to be one of the funniest things available to do and is an ideal activity for everyone as you really do need no skill what so ever (you just need to be over 16 years of age).

Indoor sphereing takes place at the same locations as the indoor skydiving inside the vertical wind tunnels. The difference being that instead of flying using your body you enter the wind tunnel inside a huge inflatable ball!!  8 foot which holds (more…)